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our story


It all started when...

I became a Mama for the first time! As a new Mama-to-be I was searching for natural, safe + effective options to care for myself during my pregnancy + for my new baby.

Enter doTERRA. Game change. Like for real.

why doterra?

If you're anything like me, you want the absolute BEST of everything when it comes to caring for your little ones. Here are a few reasons I chose doTERRA and why you should too!


dōTERRA is a completely heart led company that is committed to providing the purest, most potent essential oils possible. They employ a global network of farmers who know intimately the process of growing plants for essential oils. Every dōTERRA essential oil is put through the highest standard of rigorous and thorough testing and sets the bar high above the rest for quality, purity, efficacy, and consistency. dōTERRA is supporting LOCAL on a GLOBAL scale.


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Where do i start?

How to get started on your doTERRA Journey and start living an empowered, high-vibe life that you've always known you deserve:

There are endless ways to use and implement essential oils into your life and starting out can be overwhelming if you don't know where to start. I highly suggest setting up a consultation with me (it can be over the phone, computer, text, email or in person) to identify your health concerns and make sure we get you the oils that will improve your well being.

You do have options.....Click HERE for simple steps to get started.

Wholesale Customer.

If you are ready to take control of the health of yourself and your family, getting a doTERRA membership is going to be the best option for you. This way you will be getting the best price for your oils, as well as unlimited free education!

Wellness Advocate.

If you feel called to share these incredible tools with those you love, or maybe even people you haven't met yet- becoming a doTERRA Wellness Advocate will change your life, it all starts with you.


our team culture

When you get started with myself or someone on my Team, you are not only supported by that person, but you are supported on a larger level through our Global Team!!

I like to make sure you have everything you need to get started on your oiling journey confidently and safely.  Here is what you will receive in your Welcome package when you get started with me.


Usage guide
Samples of some of our favourite doTERRA products
5mL Wild Orange
30 minute Wellness Consult
Some roller bottles + Liquid coconut oil
Sample drams for sharing with loved ones.

When you first get started on my Team, we book your Free 30 minute 1 on 1 consult. This has such huge value and is our gift to you! 

This is where we revisit your health goals + concerns and really set you up for success, creating a oiling "blue print" that fits into your unique lifestyle and busy schedule. We also have a chance to make a couple blends together to make sure you really feel confident on how to use your oils. 


I want to make sure you get the most value from your purchase.  By starting your doTERRA journey with a kit of oils and opting into the incredibly generous Loyalty Rewards Program, you will be purchasing your oils and clean products at BELOW WHOLESALE pricing!

This is not only the most cost effective way to go, but also the most practical.